scoliosis measurement - user guide

First, after the patient's trunk flexion is aligned with the center red line

Then press the button will appear angle

 Place on top mobile phone thoracic spine can be measured.

scoliosis measurement - Free

One way of measuring scoliosis ribs protrusion (rib hump & dump) to measure

Physical therapists, physicians, medical professionals and the general public, such as exercise regimen will help in measuring scoliosis.

Using mobile phones, cameras and sensors to measure

If there is more to the sensor for mobile phones normally can not be measured

If it does not run after the end of measurement camera told me to clean up the memory ^ ^

ROM Measurement - Free

★ E can be used as a protractor.

★ physical therapists, doctors, etc. who need to measure the angle of the joints can be useful for people.

★ Application for range of motion is measured.
  For mobile phones using the sensor to measure because it requires attention. For more information, please see the Help within the application.

★ start button, click, click, and then when the stop button to display the angle.
 Note) have a cell phone, a vertical position should not be included in the measurement range.