Android application - Balance Test ; pay $7.80

Balance Test

The Balance Test application is an innovative product to use a cellular phone with the purpose of the following;

- To express the ability to balance of the patients and the sports athletes with the number and the table.
- To improve communications between the doctor and the patient with the professional information.
- To measure the balance ability in different positions(a vestibular organ, sitting, knee, balance in the balance board...)

The test of a patient in the sports medicine & the orthopedic
; to manage an athlete in off season.

Anckle sprain, fracture & amputee status.
To return to the job and to begin to life after injury,
Rehabilitation after the operation((HIP & Knee joint replacement, ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL, meniscus, etc.),
Balance measure for the prevention of falls in the elderly,
To measure the balance ability in sitting or standing during rehabilitation after a stroke.

- scoring based on the location of measurement points
- location of measuring points as time goes by
; measuring anterior-posterior, right-left micro-swing
- the sum of the distance in eight quadrants (v1.7 Added maximal distance)
- the percent of the time in eight quadrants

It is the best use in hospitals, rehabilitation-related universities, rehabilitation clinic centers, sports centers, physical therapy centers, gym, etc. and welfare center.

Please make sure the following information.

It is recommend that you check the sensitivity of the senor in your cellular phone, before you install the application. If the sensor has a problem in your cellular phone, it may not function properly.

Please see Help for details about the measurement.

Because it is different to the measurement of each menu, please select the appropriate menu option. And this application use the sensor in your phone, therefore, it may not work properly depending on the environment.


ROM measurement - user guide

The law will introduce a simple measure can.
I'll upload a lot of ways, but is only one kind.

Cervical flexion & extension



Cervical lateral flexion


 Cervical rotation

Lumbar Flexion & extension



Lumbar & thoracic lateral flextion

Rib hump

start: Based on a flat surface and press the start button.
       Then press the stop button to move to the measurement site.

Shoulder Flexion & extension





Shoulder abduction & adduction



Shoulder internal rotation & external rotation





Elbow flexion & extension



Forearm supination & pronation



Wrist flexion & extension



Wrist ulnar & radial deviation



MCP flexion & extension


PIP flexion & extension


     Thumb abduction & adduction & flexion & extension




Hip flextion & extension



Hip internal & external rotation



Hip abduction & adduction



Knee flexion & extension



Ankle dorsiflexion & plantarflexion