ROM measurement - user guide

The law will introduce a simple measure can.
I'll upload a lot of ways, but is only one kind.

Cervical flexion & extension



Cervical lateral flexion


 Cervical rotation

Lumbar Flexion & extension



Lumbar & thoracic lateral flextion

Rib hump

start: Based on a flat surface and press the start button.
       Then press the stop button to move to the measurement site.

Shoulder Flexion & extension





Shoulder abduction & adduction



Shoulder internal rotation & external rotation





Elbow flexion & extension



Forearm supination & pronation



Wrist flexion & extension



Wrist ulnar & radial deviation



MCP flexion & extension


PIP flexion & extension


     Thumb abduction & adduction & flexion & extension




Hip flextion & extension



Hip internal & external rotation



Hip abduction & adduction



Knee flexion & extension



Ankle dorsiflexion & plantarflexion



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